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What is the difference between Retin A and Tretinoin?

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You may not know the difference between Retin A and Tretinoin. You may have been prescribed Tretinoin for acne. Or you may have heard of the anti aging effects of Retin A. Tretinoin is the best anti-aging ingredient in dermatology today. Tretinoin is also known as all-trans retinoic acid. A pharmaceutical derivative of vitamin A. 

So what is the difference between Retin A and Tretinoin creams?

The names are confusing but they are actually the same product. Retin-A is actually the brand name for the drug tretinoin and tretinoin is the name of the active ingredient in the product. Many companies manufacture topical tretinoin medications, so tretinoin is sold under many different names. 

Benefits of Retin A (tretinoin)

Tretinoin creams were originally developed for the treatment of acne and only available on prescription. However, the patients using the topical Retin A soon noticed that they had fewer wrinkles and age spots.

The main reasons you might want to use might use Retin A is to target acne and pimples, fade acne scars and also to help soften fine lines, fade dark age spots and discolorations, and leave your skin looking brighter and smoother. 

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Different Tretinoin Products

  • Retin A 0.025% cream is the lowest strength of tretinoin and is often used first to allow the skin to get accustomed to the tretinoin. Many people then move up to a higher strength cream with 0.05% and eventually 0.1%
  • Retin-A Micro is a time-release product with microspheres that are so small that you cannot see or feel them. This enables the tretinoin to be delivered more slowly, over time, so it’s less irritating than Retin-A.
  • Retin A Gel 0.1% is a clear gel preferred for oily skin and often used for the treatment of acne. It is very easily applied and absorbed very quickly.

Retin A tretinoin products should be used under the supervision of a doctor. Any information you read here are guidelines to help you get better results.

When used under medical supervision, Tretinoin is regarded to be the most effective product that unplugs acne follicles and brings acne pimples to the surface. This is the reason acne often looks worse in the first few weeks of treatment with Retin A.

Directions for Retin A tretinoin 

Wash face with a mild soap, pat dry with a towel and allow the face to dry for 10 to 15 minutes before applying. Gently squeeze a pea-size amount of the products on your clean fingertip and spread it on the affected area each night before bed. Be careful not to allow the medication to enter your eyes.

Side effects of Retin A Tretinoin medications

Tretinoin makes the skin more sensitive to sunlight and can cause dryness and redness. These side effects lessen over time as the skin gets used to the product. If the skin becomes too dry or red, it is advisable to decrease the amount to once or twice a week.

The tretinoin may cause irritation during the first few weeks, which eventually should subside and it may take 3 to 4 months before improvement is can be seen.

Exposure to sunlight and ultra-violet light must be avoided when using ant Tretinoin formulations, Always use a good quality high factor sunscreen.

Do not use Retin A during pregnancy.

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