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What happens if you stop using Tretinoin?

What happens if you stop using Tretinoin?

I have been using tretinoin for just over 2 decades now, and this question is often a talking point between tretinoin lovers, so here I am to explain the pros & cons of completely stopping your tretinoin usage.

What happens if you stop using tretinoin?

Your epidermis will revert back to what it was once was after you stop applying tretinoin after many weeks. There is no quick fix to tretinoin, you need to apply it every night as your very last product. If you use tretinoin every evening there is less chance of needing botox which is an expensive, temporary fix.
There could be a number of reasons why you have to stop using tretinoin; maybe your skin can not tolerate it at all, or maybe you are going on holiday to a hot country where you have a higher risk of photodamage & sun damage. It is also advised that you do not use tretinoin during pregnancy. One great alternative to tretinoin is Reti K which contains pure & potent micro capsulated retinol which is time-released, combined with vitamin A C E K1. This is definitely the most potent retinol on the market you will find today. Furthermore, it is muti pro performance: Vitamin A removes your dead skin cells and replaces them with younger, brighter, glowing skin cells. Vittamin C is a potent antioxidant, whilst vitamin E is able to penetrate deep into your skin to preserve your lipids which are vital to fight early signs of ageing skin. Vitamin K1 is very rare in skincare products today and you don’t really see vitamin K1, yet this product has incredible benefits. It is a superstar benefit in eye cream treatments because vitamin A C E K1 can fade tired, dark circles under our eyes. Vitamin K1 also helps with broken red surface veins.
It is important to note. If you just want to take a short break from tretinoin and maybe use a lighter retinoid product as a night treatment this will not damage all the progressive good work and results you have achieved with tretinoin.
 If you decide on stopping usage of tretinoin and you are nervous about some of the negative side effects; I am confident in saying Reti K is the best Anti-Aging treatment for you.



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