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Tretinoin is a synthetic derivative of vitamin A also known as all-trans retinoic acid. Tretinoin was developed back in the 1960s as a topical treatment for acne at the University of Pennsylvania USA. The University of Pennsylvania holds the patent for Tretinoin. Tretinoin has been one of the most researched ingredients of our time as There have been various clinical trials carried out over 6 decades for its effectiveness as a treatment for acne vulgaris & is proven as the most effective treatment for acne vulgaris. Tretinoin has a by-product is its amazing ability to reverse the skin’s aging process. It is now known as the Gold standard of Anti-Aging & is growing rapidly in popularity because of its evidence-based results to reverse fine lines & wrinkles photodamaged skin, and sun/age spots. It is truly the ultimate acne anti-aging product of our time there is no other product on the market to rival it at all unless you go down the Botox & filler route.

This is a very interesting question as there have been many scientific studies on the benefits of tretinoin for Anti-Aging & all scientific studies that have been carried out have shown promising positive results which can not be said for any other Anti-Aging creams on the market. Scientific studies are completely different than clinical trials, most clinical trials are paid for & carried out by the big giants in the skincare industry & are not independent trials.

If you have a severe skin-related concern such as severe aggressive cystic acne vulgaris we highly recommend that you follow your dermatologist’s advice on a treatment plan. We recommend a face-to-face consultation with your dermatologist & do we do not advise any online consultations. as your dermatologist will analyze your skin condition with the given technology that can diagnose the root cause of the problem this has only been done in person.

We highly recommend that you do your own research before selecting a tretinoin product, we always advise to start with the weakest concentration which is the 0.025% concentration begin by incorporating tretinoin in your skincare routine as the very last product you use at night before you go to bed as tretinoin degrades in sunlight. This is why it is important for you to apply it as your very last product. Once you have applied tretinoin for 2 nights a week after 2 weeks build up to 3 nights and gradually build up from there. There are many tutorials on how to apply tretinoin, but we will also guide you to apply tretinoin correctly, so you don’t experience any major irritation.

First of all choose the weakest concentration which is the 0.025% go through your PM skincare routine as normal. Once you have clean dry skin apply the tretinoin apply it all over your face evenly avoid the corners of your eyes nose and mouth where your skin is thinner. First of all begin with using 2 nights a week after 2 weeks build up to 3 nights & gradually build up from there, in the beginning you might experience minor drying of the skin and irritation as the tretinoin is removing your dead skin cells. So we highly recommend the following morning you use Lipids Rappid barrier recovery cream as it is intense hydration and restores your skin barrier as tretinoin works by removing dead skin cells and it is really important to maintain your skin’s barrier. Also the following morning we recommend SPF50 for a few reasons tretinoin degrades in sunlight and also because the tretinoin is removing your dead skin cells it will make you more sensitive to sunlight these are important precautions to take whilst you are using tretinoin. Also do not use tretinoin if you are pregnant.

It is important every individual is different on my first time of using tretinoin my results were over night, I woke up with a fresh glow on my skin. I was using tretinoin for acne scarring and for vanity IE) those fine lines & wrinkles that none of us want to see so I started seeing improvement with my acne scarring fine lines and wrinkles in 6-8 weeks.

Tretinoin, Retin-A is like most effective topical treatments you haft to go through the bad part to achieve the wonderful results. Of this product and I can honestly say this is the best product on the market for Anti-Aging it has been hailed the holy grail of Anti-Aging. It is the only product on the market that is scientifically proven! So I will explain tretinoin at first is an irritant because it is gently exfoliating dead skin cells this can cause your skin to dry out may cause you spots of mild break out’s it is important to push through this part most people give up even myself as many call it the ugly phase where your skin can look creepy dry and as I say mild temporary acne breakout. We have made a specific product to ease these symptom’s of the purge it is called lips it is a rapid barrier recovery cream and it restores your natural skin barrier we advise you use this product before applying Tretinoin Retin-A and the following morning it really is a product you should be using whilst using powerful Retinoids and it will help combat those in some cases early side effects.

We always recommend you use the gel for oily skin, and use the Tretinoin Cream for mature dryer skin.



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