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Why Is Tretinoin not available in the UK?


Can you buy Tretinoin in the UK?

Tretinoin is a very controversial subject due to the potency of the product there and strict medical rules in some countries whilst in other countries, you can simply walk in the pharmacist and purchase over the counter. There are some countries that you can buy Tretinoin over the counter such as: India, Mexico,  Greece, Mainland Spain, Egypt, Thailand, Mexico , Turkey and UAE.   In other countries like the UK, USA, Australia, and some countries in Europe, a prescription is required. The formalities for obtaining a prescription are a consultation with a private dermatologist which can be very pricey the dermatologist will then issue with a prescription for Tretinoin although you have a consultation with a dermatologist to obtain the prescription in most cases after obtaining the prescription post after appointments are not required.

Tretinoin AKA Retin-A generic brand name also used to be readily available on Ebay, since eBay rules are now a lot stricter in general you will not find Tretinoin on Ebay.   If you are a long-term Tretinoin Retin-A user & know how to apply Retin-A & the do’s & the don’t and are also familiar with the precautions you need to take whilst using Tretinoin there are many websites where you can purchase Tretinoin online. If you have chosen to purchase your Retin-A online I would check the website out read the customer service reviews I would also take a look at the payment method & make sure you are covered & also check out the brand of Tretinoin. The main reputable brand of Tretinoin that is widely used across the globe is Janssen which is the pharmaceutical manufacturer of Johnson & Johnson. For me, this would be the far more superior brand to use. Always bear in mind if you are a Tretinoin user the guidelines for usage there are even many tutorials on youtube which are of great benefit and easy to follow. Here are some tip’s on how to use Tretinoin if you are a first time user

Step one – If you have not used Tretinoin before go for the weakest concentration which is 0.025% concentration.

Step Two– begin by using 2 nights a week after cleansing before bed apply a pea-sized amount just enough to cover all your skin avoid the corners of your eyes nose and mouth where your skin is thinner as these areas are more sensitive and susceptible to peeling.

Step Three – The following morning make sure your skin is deeply hydrated and apply an SPF50

Step Four – After 2 weeks of using twice a weeks build up to 3 nights and slowly and gradually build up from there

Always use Tretinoin as the very last product before you go to bed the reason for this is if you apply any other product it will undo all the good work and effectiveness of the Tretinoin. The following morning complete your skincare routine as normal and apply extra hydrating products your skin will need to be hydrated as Tretinoin may cause your skin to dry.

Also it is very important you are diligent regards sun protection & I strongly recommend you apply SPF50 as your very last product before you apply your make-up. Tretinoin is the most effective product out there for acne and anti-aging but it must be used correctly and all precautions adhered to Do not use Tretinoin whilst you are pregnant or breastfeeding.    



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