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Why is Retin-A Tretinoin Tanzorac not available in the UK?

tretinoin retin a cream

Retin-A, Tretinoin & Tanzorac are not easily available in the UK anymore

Tretinoin is a very testing product to find in the UK & USA It has been Longer Available in the UK Due to Janssen Cilag Discontinuing certain Stocks, Janssen is not the only product not available in the UK there are many more, Retin-a is a generic brand name of tretinoin. Janssen is still supplying to the UK at this moment in time the medication Retin-A from Janssen is the pharmaceutical company of Johnson & Johnson, it is a restricted product. For health reasons & precautions for new users need to seek help & advise

You can buy Retin-a UK Tretinoin UK 

We like both brands Janssen is cheaper than Obargi but it is down to your personal choice. Obargi & Janssen which are the best 2 brands undiluted products  2 brands of my choice is Obargi and Janssen undiluted which provide the best results, under instructions you can achieve the look you always dreamt off. 



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