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Lumigan Bimatoprost Eyelash Growth 0.03% EXP 07/25 3ML



Prestigious premium top quality Lumigan Bimatoprost Ophthalmic Solution 0.03%

Lumigam is a premium brand of Bimatoprost rapid eyelash growth, If you are tired of paying out for expensive eyelash extensions which you regularly haft to maintain & can lead to damage, prevent & hider your eyelashes from natural growth, Look no further other than Lumigan it is more pricey than the other bimatoprost ophthalmic solutions but the solution certainly makes up for it as far as quality goes you will not find a better product on the world class stage of eyelash growth by brand name Latisse  brand Allergan.

Lumigan Bimatoprost Eyelash Growth 3ml is backed by science and is proven to rapidly grow your eyelashes when applied to the base of your lash lines, the bio product of this product is it can also be applied to your eyebrows to increase a fuller thicker brow lines  to be paired with your desired stunning thick beautiful dense eyelashes enhancing your eyes for the desired look , eyelash/brow growth is simply the best. Here is a short guide for beginners who are looking for beautiful dense long thick lush natural eyelashes

What Is Lumigan?

Lumigan Bimatoprost 3% is a first choice beauty solution for people or people who Identify as people who are either looking to restore there eyelashes or are looking for rapid eyelash growth & also to increase the density & volume of there lashes & brow lines

Directions for use

Apply on a freshly cleaned skin with If wearing contact lenses please remove them for hygiene reasons.

Squeeze one drop of solution on your eyelash wand apply the solution to the base line of each lash base repeat the process every night until you have achieved your desired growth & then it is just maintenance.

How Fast Will I see Results?

Based on most people that took part in a product survey saw results in 6-8 weeks after using, Many people stated that once they had reached there target look, they only carried on applying it 2-3 times a week to keep up the maintenance.

What should I do If I experience any irritation?

First or all we would strongly recommend that you do a test patch on the corner of your lash base to check your suability. If you do have any side effects immediately stop using and seek medical advice.

Tretinoin World only stocks products from reputable licenced manufacturers & can not be help responsible for any slight adverse side effects

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