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Demelan Cream 20G EXP 01/2025

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Demelan Cream (Demelan Glycolic Acid Arbutin & Kojic Acid Dipalmitate Cream)

✔️ Reduces promotion of melanin in the skin

✔️ Treats pigmentation, hyper-pigmentation, sun spots and sun damage

✔️ Reduces scaring caused by acne, pimples and eczema



Demelan Cream 20g. Glycolic Acid Arbutin & Kojic Acid Dipalmitate Cream

Demelan cream is an effective topical acne treatment that reduces the production of melanin in the skin. It is indicated to treat pigmentation hyper-pigmentation sunspots/sun damage and helps to reduce facial discolouration marks & scarring caused by acne, pimples, and eczema. It also fades dark circles light & dark brown patches caused by the photodamage, due to hormonal changes in the skin during pregnancy It also helps even out your skin tone after childbirth.
Demelan cream contains kojic acid Dipalmitate which is an enzyme that inhibits the synthesis of melanin in the skin. Due to a reduction in the level of melanin pigment, the skin becomes visibly lighter and brighter. Arbutin is natural glycosylated hydroquinone used for skin whitening and getting rid of skin pigmentation.
The key ingredients which are found in Dermelan Glycolic Acid Arbutin Kojic Acid Dipalmitate are very potent compared to many branded products in Europe which contain at least half the strength found in our Demelan.

Key composition of Demelan Cream:

  • Glycolic Acid
  • Arbutin
  • Kojic Acid Dipalmitate
  • Methylparaben
  • Propylparaben

Directions For Use

Apply the Demelan cream to affected areas every night. It should not be used over broken or abraded skin/mucous membrane. Gently massage a tiny bit of the cream into the affected region until it dissipates. The treatment should be continued until the treated area matches the rest of the body in colour.

For the first week, Demelan Cream should be applied topically every other day, then once or twice a day or as directed by a doctor.

Consult a doctor to determine the proper dosage and duration of treatment, which will be determined by the patient’s condition and response to the therapy.

Do not overuse this cream. It may cause skin irritation if used for more than recommended duration.

Ingredients and Advantages

Demelan cream is an arbutin, glycolic acid, and kojic acid-based combination medication.

Arbutin has been shown to lighten and depigment the skin. It aids in the prevention and fading of dark spots, resulting in a more even complexion and improved skin texture.

Glycolic acid possesses antioxidant and photoprotective properties. It also serves as a moisturiser and may help to speed up the production of collagen.

Kojic acid protects skin from damage by acting as an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. It also helps to brighten and protect the skin.

Demelan Cream is a depigmenting cream that contains a combination of active substances such as glycolic acid, arbutin, and kojic acid. The medication is a whitening agent that is used to treat dark skin colouring conditions like hyperpigmentation and melasma. The cream also acts as an exfoliator, removing dead skin cells that have accumulated on the skin’s surface area, reducing fine lines, wrinkles, pores, and other ageing indicators while improving the skin’s appearance and texture.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any side effects of Demelan Cream?

Generally, Demelan should not cause any side effects. If you experience any redness or itching to the skin, speak to your doctor.

How long until I see results from Demelan Treatment?

You should see results after 3-4 weeks of use. You can stop using Demelan once you achieve the desired results for your skin.

How long can I use Demelan Cream?

You should use Demelan cream for as long as prescribed by the doctor. Follow all the instructions and do not stop using Demelan cream on your own.

Can Demelan be used to treat acne scars?

Yes, Demelan cream can lighten or treat the facial marks due to pimples or acne.

Can Demelan be used for hyperpigmentation?

Yes, this cream is used for the management of hyperpigmentation. Hyperpigmentation is a skin colour disorder characterised by darkened patches or spots on skin due to the excessive formation of a skin pigment melanin. Components of the Demelan cream can help reduce the formation of melanin also protecting your skin from the sun which could induce melanin formation.

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11 reviews for Demelan Cream 20G EXP 01/2025

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Image #1 from Anonymous


This cream is helping my hyperpigmentaion, the difference is very clear.

Image #1 from Anonymous
5.0 Rating
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  1. A

    This cream is helping my hyperpigmentaion, the difference is very clear.

    Image #1 from Anonymous
  2. A

    Dark marks started noticeably fading within 1 1/2 weeks of use and what I appreciated most is that it didn’t brighten the rest of my skin + not overly drying product.

  3. PC

    To soon to review, takes time to see results..

  4. M

    Great for softening skin

  5. SL

    Use once a week for smooth, clear and skin and fine line reduction

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